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 As Real Estate transactions have been listed as essential I will still be performing Home Inspections during this pandemic. However, I have put in place some guidelines to help mitigate risk during these times. First of all, buyers will not be able to attend the inspections. I will take even more pictures then I usually do and incorporate video into the reports when required. I will call clients during the inspection to discuss how the inspection is going and will be available for phone calls to discuss the report afterwards. For sellers I have a Hold Harmless agreement that I will require to be signed via electronic signature stating that you understand and accept the risks involved, and that you agree to allow me into your home to perform the inspection. I also require that sellers vacate the home during the inspection for risk mitigation. I agree to wear glove and a mask the entire time I am in the home. Let's all do our part to stop the spread of this virus so that our lives can get back to normal. Thank you to all and remember to stay home when possible.